Tupper Lake and beyond March 14th & 15th 2014

Johnny & I rode from Tupper Lake to Mountain View and back yesterday with a stop at Charlie’s Inn, Lake Clear Junction, for dinner and the SU-NC State game. This morning’s ride was to Cranberry Lake and back. Trails both day’s were groomed to perfection, traffic was minimal. Excellent accommodations and hospitality at the Park Motel in Tupper Lake.
















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Chaumont-Depauville>Sand Bay>Clayton>Chaumont February 9, 2014

Sunday’s 92 mile ride covered trails maintained by the 1000 Islands Snowmobile club.  Trails from the groomer barn to Clayton were groomed Sunday, from the groomer barn to Chaumont were in need of grooming.  A big thank you to Lynns’ Small Motor Repair in Chaumont for providing a place to park. Riding in this area is primarily on farm fields with some rail beds, woods and even a portion that goes right through the middle of a gravel quarry.


?????????? ?????????? ?????????? 5

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Elbridge>Cato>Fairhaven>Meridian>Elbridge February 7, 2014

Great ride today to the shore of Lake Ontario. All but 3 miles of the 90 mile ride was bump free and that area was being groomed right after we rode it. Great job by the Weedsport Winter Wanderers, Cato Trailblazers, Poor Folks and Sterling Trail Tamers…these clubs had the trails in excellent. shape today.  Saw maybe 25 other sleds during the ride…Only bad news…TC’s place, a favorite lunch stop south of Cato burned down last month.2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 DSCN0027

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Winona>Flat Rock Inn>Whetstone Gulf Gorge>Northern Chateau>Winona Saturday December 28, 2013

Today’s 100 mile ride started 7:30 this morning at  Winona…cloudy skies and 34*.

Route was Wart Road/Tucker Rd/Rte 17 Bypass/Blount Mills/Bice Rd to the farm and back/CC Road/Little John Road/Salmon River Road/Pitcher Rd/Flat Rock Road/Centerville Rd/ Leonards Lane/French Rd/ Graves/Fikes/Corrigan Hill Road/ Return to Flat Rock Inn/ Rowsom/Rector/Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn/Sears Pond/Worth Rd. Ext/ Worth Rd/ Return to Winona via Cullpepper.

All trails had adequate snow cover. All water holes were closed up. 75% of the trails were covered with medium height moguls.  It appeard that Redfield, Valley and BC Sno-Pals had done some grooming last night

Back to the parking lot at 11:30…37*…light mist…lot totally full

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Winona>Barnes Corners>Montague>Parkers Corners>Winona December 14, 2013

First ride of the season started at the Wart road parking lot  Winona at 7:30, temperature 2*, finished at 11:30.  Trail report is simple: lots of snow, no grooming. Water holes we encountered on Tom Sawyer trail and Worth Road extension were frozen over.  Most trails were cow paths (narrow, one sled wide) and by the return trip large moguls started developing.

CC road at Little John Rd



Plowed section of SRR




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Parish>Kasoag>Redfield>Barnes Corners>Parish Feb. 5

Dropped in Parish this morning and Square Valley Trail Blazers had the ride out of the Gristmill groomed up real nice right through Happy Valley.  But a word of caution…despite new snow and grooming there was ice in just about every corner of today’s 140 mile ride. Out of Happy Valley onto Kasoag’s  trails C5 and C4 there is plenty of snow but nothing had received much needed  grooming.

Once into Redfield groomed trails resumed. Trumble Drive (C5) was groomed smooth but there are several areas where there are water issues…it was obvious that the groomer operators put a lot of effort into rebuilding areas damaged by last week’s rain. Salmon River Road was groomed with a little gravel chatter.

BC Sno-Pals section of SRR was getting a bit choppy. The plowed section of SRR was in good shape…it’s amazing how low the banks are considering today is  February 5. Culpepper Road was perfection. Snow coverage lessens closer to Barnes Corners…lots of gravel on Milestrip and the trail behind Tuggers is snirt and dirt.  Heading west out of BC toward Adams there can’t  be more than 4” of snow on the ground.

Took the South Shore trail (C5 south of the Salmon River Reservoir) on the trip back to Parish and again the Redfield section had been groomed but not the Kasoag section

Back in the Parish area S52 toward Mexico has good snow coverage but has not been groomed.

Loading up the Gristmill at 6pm the Square Valley Trail Blazers groomer was just heading out…hopefully Kasoag and Mexico are doing the same.

From the Gristmill to Happy Valley:




C5 Kasoag


Cranberry Bogs in Kasoag

7 6

Salmon River Res.


Redfield Drag on C5 just north of the Village


Deer enjoying a bird feeder on Harvester Mill Road


Trumble Drive

11 12

Plowed section of SRR




Trail to Tuggers


Between BC and Adams


Where the Dam road bridge used to be…


Pipeline…please stay on the trail and away from the pipeline

17 18


Horse Farm near the pipeline…stay between the signs here and off the haylot


C5 in Kasoag


S52 between Parish and Mexico

22 23

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Barnes Corners>Winona>Little John>Barnes Corners Jan. 26

Best conditions today were in  Little John WMA and Winona State Forest. Barnes Corners  Sno Pals trails were obviously not groomed last night and several were very bumpy.  Trail behind Tuggers is snirty but passable.

Lots of gravel kicking up on Milestrip Rd.


Hats off the Redfield, Pulaski-Boyston and Winona clubs for all the grooming.  Bice Road, McKibben Road and the Beaver Creek trail were the best riding of the day, The Sno-Pals section of Salmon River Road was the worst with large moguls .  The plowed section of Salmon River Road has an adequate ice base and loose snow but expect a lot of loose gravel.  Next ride in this area will wait for more snow

C5A west of McKibbon Road (toward Sandy Pond) had very marginal snow cover:


Various spots along today’s ride:









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