Chenango County Ride Saturday January 5

Today’s Chenango County ride started at the Camp Pharsalia parking (Center Road off State Route 23)


C7 through out New Michigan State Forest was groomed and in excellent condition



S73 heading south through East Pharsalia was also in good  condition.


There was an occasional wet area…nothing that couldn’t be navigated.


The sections of plowed roads that must be ridden had just enough cover


At junction CN12S we headed south on C7.

At junction CN7C we took C2b east…here the snow cover was lower and it did not appear anything had been groomed recently.  One section was so narrow it’s surprising this is classified as a corridor trail and not a secondary trail.  We turned around at Route 12, photo below is close to where we turned around…one sled wide and totally overgrown with prickers:


After returning to New Michigan State Forest we ventured up C7 to the Pharsalia WMA and Beaver Meadow State Forest.


Conditions in this area were very good…the trails in Beaver Meadow were starting to get a little choppy.

Looking into the valley between Pharsalia WMA and Beaver Meadow State Forest (Top of Pigeon Hill?):




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