Winona>Flat Rock Inn>Whetstone Gulf Gorge>Northern Chateau>Winona Saturday December 28, 2013

Today’s 100 mile ride started 7:30 this morning at  Winona…cloudy skies and 34*.

Route was Wart Road/Tucker Rd/Rte 17 Bypass/Blount Mills/Bice Rd to the farm and back/CC Road/Little John Road/Salmon River Road/Pitcher Rd/Flat Rock Road/Centerville Rd/ Leonards Lane/French Rd/ Graves/Fikes/Corrigan Hill Road/ Return to Flat Rock Inn/ Rowsom/Rector/Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn/Sears Pond/Worth Rd. Ext/ Worth Rd/ Return to Winona via Cullpepper.

All trails had adequate snow cover. All water holes were closed up. 75% of the trails were covered with medium height moguls.  It appeard that Redfield, Valley and BC Sno-Pals had done some grooming last night

Back to the parking lot at 11:30…37*…light mist…lot totally full

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